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Come and visit us at
Truly Fantastic - 29/01 to 14/02
Espace Wallonie - Brussels

"Wallonium" is a technological artwork highlighting the Walloon region’s expertise and know-how in different Industry 4.0 related fields: innovative materials engineering, simulation techniques, ICT, additive manufacturing, embedded systems, signal processing, gas measurements, etc.

In addition to the participation of the accredited research centres Sirris, CRM Group, CETIC, Multitel, Materia Nova and Cenaero, the young spin‑off VOCSens from the UCLouvain has also joined forces on this joint demonstrator to illustrate the industrial valorization of research carried out upstream in Wallonia and in relation to the development of the industrial and economic fabric.

Under the impetus of WBI’s Research & Innovation department and through the representation of silicon crystal, Wallonium invites you to get to know and experiment with many technologies.

Curious to discover this technological achievement ? Come and interact with Wallonium via an augmented reality application or Twitter (@wallonium).

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